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40 Years of Video Art Germany Part2: Record>Again!



27.11.2013 – 11.12.2013





The project «40 Years of Video Art» was created by the Center for Art and Media
(ZKM) in Karlsruhe, in cooperation with the LUDWIG Forum in Aachen, Kunsthaus
in Dresden, and the Edith-Rub-Haus of Media Arts in Oldenburg, with the support
of the National Cultural Foundation.
The opening of the exhibition was attended by Alonia Elizalde König, official in the
Department of Culture of the Goethe Institut, Azra Sijamhodžić from the Secretary
of Cultural Program of the Goethe Institut, Dorcas Müller (ZKM), artist and curator,
who will lead two workshops dedicated to video art and its state in Germany at the
Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje on November 28 and 29, 2013.
Among the materials presented at the Gallery, over 40 video works were chosen,
mostly from the «early period» of video art of the 1970s and 1980s, but
there are also some contemporary works.

The artists included in the exhibition are the following:

Joseph Beuys «Boxing Match for Direct Democracy,» 1972, 9:30 min;
Michael Bielicky and Ricardo Perdo «Greasy Corner,» 1986/87, 39:24 min.;
Claus Böhmler «Let’s Paint Red with the Color of Cabbage,» 1974, 14.04 min;
Klaus vom Bruch «Kidnapping an Art Dealer Is No Longer an Utopia Piece,»
1975, 06:46 min;
Michaela Buescher and Gerd Cinradt «Gretchen Dutschke,» 1985/2008, 14:36 min;
Holger Czukay «Review of 1982» I Cool in the Pool, 1982/1978, 115:47 min;
Lutz Dammbeck «Herakles», 1984, 10:28 min;
Klaus Peter Dencker – Starfighter – Story of Assignment on the Front, 1970, 4:40 min;
FLATZ – “Toni Tausendschön,“ 1981, 0:11 min;
Gusztáv Hámos – Seins Fiction II: Invincible, 1983/1987, 25:20 min;
Rudolf Herz / Ruth Toma «Removal of the House of Arts,» 1980, 26:39 min;
Jochen Hiltmann «For Artists,» 1978, 13:31 min;
Nan Hoover – «Movements in Light,» 1975/1976, 16:40 min
Wolf Kahlen – «Attention, We’re Filming,» 1980/2001, 22:55 min
Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler «Place to Collect Old Television Sets,»
1995, 07:52 min;
Gerd Kroske, Ulrich Wust, Uwe Baumgartner, Jürgen Kuttner,
Mario Persch – «Secret Message,» 1988/1989, 28:18 min;
Edmund Kuppel – «Filming – Filmmakers – Around the World in Four Minutes,»
1975, 5:09 min;
Urs Luthi «Untitled,» 1971, 03:05 min;
Digne Meller Marcovic, «On Wilhelm Reich – Live, Little Man,» 1987, 90:32 min;
Marcello Mercado – «Das Kapital,» 1999-2008, 60:00 min
Ernst Mitzka «Das Baby, der Tod,» 1969, 5:59 min;
Michael Morgner, «M. Crosses the Gallenthin Lake,» 1981, 14:37 min;
Heike Mutter, «Ekstase 1,» 1998, 7:00 min;
Michael Geissler and Susanne Ofteringer «Berlin National Gallery,» 1974,
14:48/ Susanne Ofteringer: Nico Icon, 1993, 25:49 min;
Marcel Odenbach / Gábor Bódy «Discussions Between East and West,»
1978, 03.40 min;
C.O. Paeffgen «T-Shirt First, Art After,» 1975, 09:59 min;
Klaus Rinke and Gerry Schum «Breathing In,» 1971, 03:43 min;
Ulrike Rosenbachová / Klaus vom Bruch «Good Luck for Better Art,»
1977, 5:12 min;
Ulrich Rückriem «1. Divisions, 2. Circles, 3. Diagonals,» 1971, 20:40 min;
Reiner Ruthenbeck «Object to Partially Obscure the Video Scene,» 1974, 31:43 min;
Gustav-Adolf Schroeder «The Big Downfall Show – Festival of Genius Dilletantes»,
1981, 10:05 min;
Walter Schröder-Limmer «Debate,» 1977/1978, 11:53 min;
Telewissen / Herbert Schuhmacher «Magical Mirror, Remake,» 1970/2008, 05:58 min;
HA Schult «Ruhrtour Media House,» 1978, 09:48 min,
Gerry Schum «Interview, Documents 5,» 1972, 11:24 min,
Wolfgang Stoerchle «Untitled, Lamp Performance,» 1972, 02:23 min;
Ulay «Names, Exteriors, Personality Swap,» 1975, 9:10 min;
UTV – Unser Fernsehsender, Week in Review I, 1995, 33:21 min.;
Franz Erhard Walther «Demonstration of Causes of Documents,» 1972, 23:54 min;
Peter Weibel «Audience as an Exhibit,» 1969, 17:00 min;
Ursula Wevers «Horizontal and Vertical Jump,» 1979, 12:29 min;
Paul Wiersbinski «King Nothing,» 2008, 06:47 min.





Goethe Institut

The Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje

Academy of Fine Arts
Stepe Stepanovica bb
89 101 Trebinje
Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina