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I’m floating on procaryote-eucaryote fluids. 
I’m evolving towards an ecosystem
governed by microbes.
I’m between the nucleation of water
and a dead planet.




My body reflected in countless transparent objects and their contents.

It is an absent body, in spite of all the signs, alarm devices, commands and controls.

Modulation of body plans on plots marked with disturbance-vectors,
from one side to the other of the entrails. I will not remain complete.

I can look on the hunters in the distance. The sun-light, the handler and the dogs.




The suppression of distance.




To escape, to copulate to eat. The species classification is dissected.
The strategy of food procurement and food storing.

The hunter is in tune with the prey.
Tiny grains of sounds. To disable or to kill. The victim’s heads: Stay tuned! and today
the challenging words are : behavioral, carnivorous, insects, velocity!


I have tested several explanations: The clock is ticking.
Who would know ?




A pure, mathematical, database, unmatched and unsafe.




The average number of caucasian alleles.
By reconfiguring the columns and resorting:
10 loci – 2 match as before 9 loci – 8 matches as before in effect
7 loci – 3,252 match 6 loci – 11,165 matches.

Criminal in its falsity, may be depends upon the amount of voltage applied.
MM autochthonous DNA profiles simulation.


A meaning-Siren tones-detectors
in petroleum tanks-Intense sound levels in mammals

I have provided samples – standard Type I or Type II – but weather conditions…
He said:»nothing was done to stop the annihilation

center tended.
=False, Link:=False, Attachment:=False

Ne pas frapper sur la vitre S.V.P./



Marcello Mercado , 1998







Objects / In A Network Of Tangled-Up / Porous Graduation-System /
Every Fragment / Lighted Up +- 5 Grade-Centigrade / Lights Options /
Space Sterilized / In Ethylene Oxide Chambers/ Immediate Stiffness /
From Now On / Bodies Are Checked/ Corruption Centers /
The Need Of Avoiding / Any Heat-Foam / Generating Movement /
A Regular-Constant-Limit Alteration /

New Subdivisions / Neighborhoods Are Broken Up / I’m Placed Inside /
A Barren Vase / I’m Decayed And Greenish / Due To The Action Of /
Sulfuric Hydrogen / Layers And Granulations / Dissected Walls /
I Can Produce / Certain Forces/ And Be Placed Slantwise On/
The Surfaces Of / Stable-Definite Shapes / I-Lost Tooth /
I-Filled Cavity / I-False Tooth /
I-Altered Tooth / I Slide Along 0,5-0,8 Gram Structures/


Words / Are Recognized As / Boiling Point In Advance /
I Stretch Over Huge Sale Signs / And Signs Advertising /
Therapeutic Properties / My Skin Folds /Are Growing Bigger /
Due To An Excess Of Food Salt / I’m Maimed-Infected-Enlarged- /
Expanded-Ocluded-Degenerated By / Food Systems.


I With No Starting Point / I -Pharmaceutical Flesh / I-Automatic Product /
Of Spare Cells / I-Reversible Vectors/ I ‘M Water Spin-Off /
That Stones Compress / I-Pineal Gland / I-Light Up / I-Circadian Rhythm /
I-Fluorescent Light / I-Reprogramming / And Memory Work / I-Radiation /
I-Cycle Variation / I-Watched By Radars / Satellites / And Infrared Cameras
/ Chemical Waste / And Clandestine Military Tests /

Huge Racist Societies / Running Away To The Future /
I-Watched By Other Bodies/ In Impact Society / I’m Mingled / Among People /
Behind Their Sexual Odors / And Food Fermentation/


I-Abstraction / Secretory Cow-Cow / Biology Leads Me To Mediocrity /
I’m This Personal Border / Of Suppressed Liquids / Copulation-Copulation /
Hides Animals In Nooks / Bees Buzz / And Oceans Disolve / Carbon Dioxide /
And Slaughter Birds / My Skin Wounded / Strangled-Burned /
Electrocuted-Grazed / Chapped-Torn Apart / Flies Of Reverse Flight /
Glub-Glub-Glub / Insects Fly Dreadfully / Across Electric Spaces /


I Get To Build Myself Up / Joining All Deflection Points / I-Get Ride Of Some /
Of My Putrid-Putrid-Putrid / Body-Word In Movement / Throwing The First Shoveful /
To The Right/The Second / To The Left /
And The Third One / Into The Salty-Matrix / Shiveringcorpses /
Carried On Stretchers /


Operative Handbooks / Replace Every Tiny Chaos / Ground /
Is Suited To Unify Shapes / Larvae-Fly-Vectors / Soft-Sweet Smell Of That /
Which Can’t Move Any Longer / That Is Completely Cooked /


I-Split My Self Into / Electrically Positive / Or Negative Succesions /
Under The Rule/ Of Quartz Lamps-Espectroscope/ I-Disgust/ I’m Not Present /
Even If I Swallow/ I’m Not-Glup-Flap-Flap-Glup /
Even If I Close My Buttocks Tight / Re-Heated Flesh / Blood And Liver Smell /
Fingers And Hands Squeezing /


A Digestive-Love Morality / Plunged In Copulation-Krebs Cycle / Cluck! / Cluck!/ Cluck! – To Fill In The Coupon System / Clap! Clap! Clap! /
Having The Same Thoughts/


My Lims /Break Away From My Body / They Set Up Curvatures = F = Gmm /
R2 / I Live Surrounded By/ The Lowest Prices / Loans-Mortgages /
Sport Trophies-Corrected World Maps/ Chambers Full Of Bullets /
In The Dark Currents / Of Animals Fevers / Pink Nuns Regurgitate On/
Flies With Four-Steel-Stomachs/



Distance / Is The Only Real Product / I Excrete In Life /




Mom Left Me When She Died / A False Tooth / A Hair Drier /
A Subscription To Jesus By Mail /
And The Masters And Johnson’s Sexual Techniques.
The Sun Removes Colors / From The Objects / Outside Is The Winter Sale /
How Come The Body / Vanishes While Talking? /



To Rebuild The Animal / In Every Merciless-Bone / I’m Going To Provide /
A New Disaster / A New Slaughter Of/ Blood-Gushing-Shadows / And Then/
Reward Slobbering Mouths / Pecking Lips / Belly-Sea-Fluctuation /
And The Great Dismemberer / Which Is Resistant At Some Points /
Expeling The Organs Into/ Watching-Skies/ With Human Shapes /
Menial-Body-Position / To Speculate And Obtain Profits / Sexes/
In Dog Entrails / Stick To Demolition-Processes Of/
Blue-Greasy-To-The-Touch / Disolution Bones / Not Light Enough /
To Float In Water / There Are Granulations / Ulcerations /
And-Even-More-Greasy / Masses Of Gas Infiltration/
Land-Flesh-Parents Remains / I-Depending On/
The Slant Of Disturbed-Kidney-Filaments / The Right Lenguage /
In Gut-Masses / Sex-Friction-Horrible-Contractions /
To Hamper Materials / Related To Fixative Liquids Of /
External Desfigurations /



I-Move Behind The Objects /
Near The Corners / In Which My Life / Stopped Being Full/
To Become Just A Lot Of Air / And Old Furniture /
To Eat The Body So That Only / Silence Remains /



Fragment of «Sections of Nothing-Nothing»

Marcello Mercado, 1996







I´m the right position…The position of sacrifice… the position of instrument-ox…
the position of tuberose surface built up on a heard-like denial.
Once and again my finger-tongue leads me to that kind of drains that are hard for me to see…


But …that flesh surrounded by rigid opposing forces, by tumors stuck to goats,
is inlaid in my barren-flesh of unified-system…
Dissipated-deceitful-flesh disturbed by heavenly objects.
l, disgust. I´m not present -I´m not present even if l say it. I´m not -l´m not even if l swallow.

l´m not -glup- l´m not in my flabby flesh.
I´m not -glup-flap-flap- even if l close my buttocks tight.l, remaining- tooth-plaque
evaporated up to a mob at overwhelming-overwhelming speed.


Re-heated flesh, blood, and liver smell…Broken fish glass, donkey doo, fingers and
hands squeezing that fish- glass sex that has no right to get truth-.carrion blinded by skin-cuts.
Glassy-lightning skin of humiliation-blows and bla-bla-bla seems to come out of my mouth that ends up in carrion-ass, in an endless ass-sex. Too much carrion-ass-sex
Leaving satisfaction aside and starting to gather gases and liquids so as to pour
them onto the most intense adhesions of some no-corpse dietary habits.
The wreckage of a burned body, encased in a low-low that´s whirl and acrid exposure for
the left hand leading the knife -in love as it is- into the humid and warm entrails of
branched-off masses, of membranous walls.

Buried chest -driven into suffocation and into the secret -changes in food-quality,
plant-decay, and scabies-pustule persistent-pus/


Like some substance in a solution,
l split myself into electrically positive or negative succesions under
the rule of quartz lamps and the espectroscope… Most comfortable and appropriate,
most comfortable and appropriate…for the ultraviolet lamp, for the color areas that grow bigger

I´m a bubble structure holding a green-fiber easily-collapsable mass.

These bubbles let the air come out and gradually become smaller until they vanish completely.
Fake-movements exerting caos…
After a few blows, my nose starts leaking crushed-black-clots and forced substances
are what I need for my Petrification.

Marcello Mercado, 1998





There will only be central compartments and solid ducts will be removed.

I will reproduce various objects and grisly details. I, minimal-hole in the monstrous construction of the blood. I-dog-dog returning from parcialities to seek useless vectors that will remove me from usefulness and sense. I am a numerical format,
a track and the impunity of one hole towards the other one.


Object of engineering techniques, I can be friend or enemy; follow the rules; test properties; implement codifications to detect and amend mistakes; develop generative standards, but no matter what, I wouldn’t be an unknown platform.
A doubtful platform, subjectively dreaming.


And, isolated, I exalt my most-favored physiological characteristics within my kin, naturally based on genetic laws and according to scientific and rational criteria.I-economic; I-technological. I support my self with cunning and skill. Support devices, and secretion of various substances, define my condition of unknown-platform-mistake in this system.


«Here I am»-I tell myself. I am a very vascularized-fibrous-capsule under water processes and its familiar relationships.




Marcello Mercado, 1996









Der Titel des Videos lautet:

„The Chemical and Physical Perception,
in the Eye of the Cat, in the moment of the cut „


Das Video ist eine Animation über
den Prozess der Schmerztransmission,
inspiriert von neurologischen Modellen.


1973 habe Ich bei einem Unfall,
meinem kleinen, rechten Finger verloren.

In meiner Vorstellung wird dieser Umfall
von einer Katze beobachtet.


Wie wir fühlen und lernen?
Wie arbeitet diese «slow Hardware»?


Ich habe hoch frequente Töne benutzt,
um die bio-elektrischen Prozesse zu zeigen.

Ich nenne meine Kunst: Biorealismus.

Eine Kombination aus Bio-Performances,
3D Objekten, und on-line bio-Lab.

Zum Beispiel: Goedel 1, 2, 3,
eine on-line Performance mit verschiedenen
Verkehrs-Überwachungskameras in Köln.


Ich treibe durch Prokaryonten-Eukaryonten-Flüssigkeiten.
Ich bewege mich auf ein Ökosystem zu,
das von Mikroben beherrscht wird.

Ich stehe zwischen der Entstehung des Wassers
und einem toten Planeten.


Im Anfang war der Mathematik, Kunst
aber die Schale zerbrach.

Arte, a-man-te ca-ra

Wenn Adam grub und Eva spann,
Wo waren die Bakterien dann?

Das Vorbild-Schema.

Drei Mal so alt wie ein Hund wird ein Pferd
werde Ich, werde Ich


16:00 – 18:00 Erste Hundewache
18:00 – 20:00 Letzte Hundewache


Ich habe eine Sprache erfunden: Die XAD.06
Eine Sprache um die Gedanken zu überdecken,
zu löschen.


Der dynamischen Modulation von…
Die kompakten Wäande,
Eine Serie von Filtern…


Troposphäre und Tropopause…
Arie des Königs als dänischer Bakteriologe Gram.

Ich glaube das Wichtigste von allem ist einfach…

Ich glaube das Wichtigste von allem ist einfach…
den Victorianischer Zeitplan der Biotrauer, zu lernen:

Todesfall :Escherichia coli Trauerphase: 6 Monate
Todesfall :Campylobacter Trauerphase: 3 Monate

Todesfall :Aquaspirillum Trauerphase: 7 Wochen
Todesfall :Legionella Trauerphase: 1 Jahr

Todesfall : Pseudomonas Trauerphase: 6 Monate
Todesfall : Acinetobacter Trauerphase: 4-6 Wochen

Um und um…
Wo sehen Sie den Unterschied?


Wissenschaft und Kunst.
Streunende Hunde.

Das System ist also reversibel.
Eine Wahnsinnszene in zwei Akten.

Tag der Belohnung.
Nachtrag: Lesen aus dem Feuer.



„Biographie“, Marcello Mercado, 2005







Stimme – Melodie des einsamen Kaisers.
Monodrama in einem Akt.
The Doctrinal no-voice.
Pattern alimenticio and the upper limit of
a sigmoid curve
Cortically – disjointed language.
kontrolliet u. repariert.
Pavonearse con el Pavo Real.
and 3 mm of fetal bovine Serum.
Warum sagst du ni was?
Watch your mouth!
Waiter service:
5.30pm-11pm Tuesday to Saturday
5.30-10pm on Sunday
5.30-10.30pm on Monday
Grands effets, petites causes.
La gravité de la crise.
La Terreur n’est pas nécessaire.
The dendritic arborisation of the neo-cortex.
A little collection of mostly illegal concepts.
– Hehe, I am prolly making an idiot out of myself, but I am having fun!
– Fun! Fun! Fun!

Marcello Mercado, 2006











Bienal Interferences:
Centre International du Creation Vidéo Pierre Schaeffer, Montbéliard, Belfort, France, 2000


Here’s a little Questionary !!!! [applause] [exciting music] (45sec.)
We are in a tupperware party ! [elevator music]
Oh, very impressive. Very impressive!




1- Diriez-vous que votre démarche artistique s’inscrit dans une critique des technologies et des médias électroniques?
Would you say that your artistic process includes a critique of technologies and electronic medias?


Not at all. I am not able to resist external force or onset; easily subdued or overcome; as, a weak barrier; as, a weak fortress. Lacking force of utterance or sound; not sonorous; low; small; feeble; faint artist. Critique of technologies and electronic medias? Just Performer and co-composer, domestic, historically oriented creative process, X-Mozilla-Status, Researching profiles, Mime-version of my reality, Message-Id of my self, Content-Transfer-Encoding artist with this feeling…


1. Of or pertaining to one’s server or home, or one’s household or no-family; relating to server life; as, domestic concerns, life, duties, cares, crashes, happiness, worship, more crashes.


2. Of or pertaining to a server considered as a family or home, or to one’s own server; intestine; not foreign; as, foreign wars and domestic dissensions.


3. Remaining much at home; devoted to home duties or pleasures; as, a domestic cyberartist.


4. Creative Process domesticated; tame as distinguished from wild; as, domestic animals.


5. Made in one’s own house, nation, country or server; as, domestic manufactures, etc.



Check please, domain art, domal art, domanial art, domatia art, domesday art, domesticate art, domestic art-violence, domeykite art, domify art, dominance art.

So, Domesticus artist process as the highest class of Vertebrata Cybernetica. The young cybernetic artists are nourished for a time by milk, or an analogous fluid, secreted by the mammary glands of the Digital-matrix-mother.


Mammaliadotcom are divided into three subclasses:


I. Placentalia- e-zine. This subclass embraces all the higher orders, including some artists. In these the new media-fetus is attached to the partnership for culture-uterus by a placenta-web zine.


II. Marsupialiadotcom. In these no placenta as conceptual aims is formed, and the young cybernetic artists, which are born at an early state of development, are carried for a time attached to the teats, and usually protected by an international marsupial pouch as partner. The opossumdotcom, kangaroodotcom, wombatdotcom,and koaladotcom are examples.


III. Monotrematadotcom. In this group, which includes the genera Echidna and Mutual support-Ornithorhynchus, the female lays large contracultural eggs resembling those of a bird or agnostic-lizard, and the young cybernetic artists, which are hatched-hacked like those of birds, are nourished by a watery secretion from the imperfectly developed mammae-strategies on technical infrastructure.



2- Diriez-vous que votre démarche artistique participe du débat social et de la citoyenneté?
Does your work take part in (or contribute to) to the community debate?



Absolutly, that’s it, exactly. Last exhibition more than half of audience walked out…but the one who stayed there were asking what kind of guy is this (who would make such an strange intense video, almost hardcore but …) Big debate! at its various levels of meaning but also questioned, murmured, suffered etc.




3- Pensez-vous que les centres d’art et les institutions publiques de l’art contemporain jouent, dans votre travail, un rúle déterminant ?
Do you think art centers and institutions play a determining role in you work?



Mostly of my material is produced by Centers and secreted into the surrounding medium, but usually applied to the noncellular portion of Digital artist tissues.
More exactly, in broad terms there are three major artist-center important components:

a) Artist as fibrous elements particularly center-collagen,center- elastin , center-reticulin,or panel discussion moderated by…


b) Link Artist- center proteins (e.g. Fibronectin, laminin) and space filling molecules (usually glycosaminoglycans- cross-cultural communication /cooperation)(narrative movements).


c) The Artist-matrix-center may be mineralised to resist compression (as in drop) or dominated by tension resisting fibres (as in non-profit member organization).
Although Videos, Net- art, Games, Robotic Art, are produced by Centers, it has recently become clear that Centers can influence the behaviour of electronic-cells quite markedly, an important factor to consider when growing Electronic-cells in vitro: removing electronic-cells from their normal environment can have far reaching corporate identity effects.


Please check: Electronic-extrauxillary, Digital-extrabranchial, Extracapsular Drops, Extracellular electronic fluids,Matrix -artist-proteins-strong ideological context, Extracerebral videos.



4-Les réseaux internationaux díartistes constituent-ils pour vous une alternative crédible au néo-libéralisme mondialisé ?
Are international networks of artists a decisive alternative to global capitalism?




Decisive? An international computer architecture, implementable in either hardware or software,modeled after biological neural networks?
Like the biological system in which the processing capability is a result of the interconnection strengths between arrays of nonlinear processing nodes, computerised artist like neural networks, often called perceptrons or multilayer connectionist models,consist of neuron media-like units.


So,are artists perceptrons in global capitalism?


A homogeneous group of artist-units makes up a layer. These networks are good at pattern recognition. They are adaptive,performing tasks by example, and thus are better for decision-making than are linear learning machines or cluster analysis. They do not require explicit programming.Check neural artist fold, neuralgia artistiae, neural artistiae induction, neural decisive networks and pattern recognition.


Exciting narrative as machine-sensing or as identification of visible patterns (shapes, forms, and configurations)?

Integrating future technology into arts? Somehow on somehow…

Check please patronize electronic, patronomayology democratie, pattern unusual, patter matter, pattern-no pattern formation(Various hypotheses have been put forward and there is now evidence for the existence of gradients of diffusible artists (morphogens) specifying the differentiative pathway that should be followed according to the concentration of the morphogen around the digital scenario:


a. In general, any combination of artists are so connected that their relative motions are constrained, and by means of which force and motion may be transmitted and modified, as a screw and its nut,or a lever arranged to turn about a fulcrum or a pulley about its pivot, etc.; especially, a construction, more or less complex, consisting of a combination of moving electronic parts, or simple mechanical elements, as wheels, levers, net artists,cams, etc, with their supports and connecting framework,calculated to constitute a prime mover, or to receive force and motion;from a prime mover or from another machine, and transmit, modify, and apply them to the production of some desired electronical effect or work, as weaving by a loom, or the excitation of electricity by an electronic machine.


b. Quicktime format, promotion channels,art organizations and artists. Any mechanical-electronically supported contrivance, as the Digital horse with which the Greeks entered Troy?


c. Supernatural digital art in a poem, or a superhuman being introduced to perform some exploit. Seeking all unique ideas? Elementary machine, a name sometimes given to one of the simple mechanical artistic powers. See Mechanical Flame. Infernal machine. See Infernal Machine gun Flint.



5- Commentaires personnels.Your own thoughts.




About Weak-thoughts may be…Weak is often used in the formation of self-explaining compounds; as, weak-eyed, weak-handed, weak-hearted,weak-minded, weak-spirited, and weak media aesthetics.
Weak-Prototype with covalently attached modulations units, either bonded via the OH group of serine or threonine weak-patronizing attitude glycosylated or through the amidemedia NH2 of asparagine (N- interactive video-games and research orientations on the interfaces). Is it a method?. In a sense weak-media is inexhaustible by definition

The risk of electronic tube defects can be decreased by the digital-mother taking folic acid during pregnancy.Also neuraminic acid, neuraminidase, neurapophysial, neurapophysisdigitus, and the impure or complex residual solution like instability introduced into the system.

Visual artist, web-designer , programmer?
The use is supposed to have originated in some notion of the old chemists-programmer about the influence of the moon in the preparation of performance and hybrid art practices-functioning as interfaces.

In Electronic Arts, degenerative changes with discolouration and softening of tissues and eventual disintegration, of a linear narrative retained in the tube after its death.
Please check Maceratio-Video-Net.


Marcello Mercado [suspenseful music]








An accurate description


The interacting subroutines
-Would you like to listen to me before…?
Multiple chromosomes models
Adding elements to the Scene
The moving target
No premium user
[data mining] program
cheers > boos >cheers > boos > cheers > boos
Why does this method fail with nonsense factors?
Dead Files
Denied File
13:00 Lunch Break
15:50 Tea Break. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served in…
the worst-case scenario
17:00 Panel Discussion
17:53 Closing Remarks
18:15 Drinks Reception. Drinks are served in …the gene pool

1 – To conserve valuable energy | 2 – Behavioral | 3 – A virtual particle | 4 – Access Restricted

Start a new topic
Both mother and son are doing well
The fund-raisers + leaflets + leaflets + leaflets
I start to divide myself in an uncontrolled way.
X declined to answer any questions when contacted by the X daily news

1 – X revisited | 2 – Well, you know… | 3 – Unperturbed cells | 4 – Prompters

Energy equivalent (kcal) 2146
Experimental plant + Questions and Problems
Impeccably cast


I have tested several explanations for the target site preferences
My self as a signal transduction
Conclusive? One-sided examination
minimized error
The average number of caucasian alleles
Internal microprocessors
operating on multiple levels
I am linking a membrane
unmatched and unsafe
DNA profiles simulations/

Signed lower left
Signed and numbered
Signed, titled and dated verso
Signed lower right, titled center and numbered
Applause! Applause!
clap! clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!

ballons and crepe-paper streamers/