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20.01.2011 – 20.03.2011



A Selection of The Web Biennial Revealing The Poetics and Politics of Net Art





Ayvansaray Caddesi, No: 33,
Balat 34087 Istanbul



Internet has contributed to the transformation and spreading of new forms of art,
provided boundless creating, exhibiting and consuming opportunities.
Regeneration.011, in this context, is presenting works that deal with freedom of
speech and anti-war activism as well as revealing the political and poetical aspects
of contemporary net art. Plato Art Space, by this project, aims to draw attention
to net art which gained considerable importance in the recent years as an alternative
space for contemporary art.

Artists: Magda Bielesz, Alan Bigelow, Immo Blaese, Andrew Chee,
Martin John Callanan, Andy Deck, Dimitrios Fotiou, Matthias Fritsch,
Genco Gulan, Elli Harrison, Sachiko Hayashi, Anni Holm, Aoghus
Kneeshaw, Cardarelli Luigia, Marcello Mercado, Alexander Mouton,
Christian Rupp, Evelyn Stermitz, Jurgen Trautwein, Merve Unsal,
Nanette Wylde, Jody Zellen, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga.


Curator: Marcus Graf