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Systems of Communication






Systems of Communication

presented in conjunction with suek-artist


Bringing together works from across the globe this programme of experimental screen work explores the structural
intricacies of systems of communication. (Programme curated by sue.k.)
Ever since neolithic man scratched markings in the walls of caves, the need to leave evidence of one’s existence by way of
communicating through a shared language has persisted. The works in this programme dig into a variety of ways in which
the moving image explores methods of communication, from the literal scratching into plastered surface of a wall set to repeat in loop without time fracture, to the architectural drawings of interfacial systems of electronics. As a compilation and as individual works, all discuss, at a deep level, humanity in its social coexistence.




Direct Language Steven Ball, 28:30 mins, UK, 2005-2008

airE, Maia Gusberti, Austria, 5 mins, 2001

Top Light and the Haunted Man, Sagi Groner, Israel/Netherlands, 11 mins, 2004

Das Kapital Version 07, Marcello Mercado, Argentina, 17 mins, 2003

Hey, cut it out, Derek Hart, UK, 6 mins, 2000

Rhythmus 99, Sam Landels, Australia, 5 mins, 1999