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Marcello Mercado – Portfolio




Marcello Mercado was born in Argentina in 1963 and works across numerous mediums. His interests lie in exploring the relationship between technology, cultural biology, and art, with a special focus on the interaction between digital and organic materials. Mercado has been recognized with several fellowships, including The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Lampadia Foundation, and Fundación Antorchas. He was also awarded the Grant for Media Art 2013 from the Foundation of Lower Saxony at the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art.

Mercado has participated in several notable exhibitions, including Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, ZKM Karlsruhe, Museum Ludwig, Cologne; 51st Venice Biennale; Museo Nacional Reina Sofía; Kunsthaus Dresden; 11th Biennale de l ́Image en Mouvement, Genéve; The Taipei Fine Arts Museum; Berkeley Art Museum and II Biennial of Mercosul.

He has also been recognized with numerous prizes, including Honorary Mention Prix Ars Electronica Linz in Interactive Art, First Prize Videobrasil in 1998 and 2001, and Grand Prix de La Création Vidéo.

His artistic process is research as practice, where he engages with a culture of experimentation, and he is mainly associated with Post Internet, Process Art, Virtual Art, and Abstract Painting.

Mercado’s large-format drawings are a collaboration between him and small robots that create fine layers, linear figures, and a kinetic, electrified registrar that Mercado redraws and accentuates in a figurative manner. Marcello Mercado’s work exemplifies his commitment to experimentation and how exploring new mediums can expand our understanding of technology, culture, and art.


Biography extended version (+)

Filmography (+)

Lebenslauf (German) (+)



Marcello Mercado

BRK 6s7gz sghxgcgcw ehwgd

Artist´s book, 280 pages

2012 – 2023










Marcello Mercado

Licht Pentimento

Artist´s book, 98 pages








Marcello Mercado


42 pages, artist´s book










Marcello Mercado, Object, wood, sawdust, straw and nails, 2022






Marcello Mercado,NN, collage, 3D printed objects on fabric, tryptich, 2016



Marcello Mercado, Van Gogh´s Variations, dried sunflowers wrapped in rope and tubes with sunflower DNA on copper box, 2014



Marcello Mercado, The next and the stranger, 2022


Marcello Mercado, The next and the stranger, 2022




Marcello Mercado


Artist´s book

2003, re-edited 2007









Marcello Mercado, Metakartierung, pencil on paper, Artist´s Book, 2012




Marcello Mercado, Van Gogh´s Variations, 7-channel video installation, 2014




Marcello Mercado, Van Gogh´s Variations, Compositions for motors and robots, notations, 2014 (+)

Marcello Mercado, Van Gogh´s Variations, Seven Sunflowers deleted, 2014 (+)





Marcello Mercado, Bestiary for the minds of the 21st Century: Genomic Opera, 2-channel video installation,  artist’s book, public audio interaction,sound installation, Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, Vienna, Austria, 2016


Marcello Mercado, pencil on paper, drawing, 2008



Löschen/ DELETE, Borrar, 2012 HD 1-channel videoinstallation, 10min 05sec stereo 16: 9 black / white, Special mention, Interactive art category, Ars electronica, Linz, 2012






Marcello Mercado, Untitled Field, oil on canvas, 283 cm x 162 cm, 111.4 in x 63.7 in, 2016



Marcello Mercado, Homeland light, oil, acrylic and pigment on canvas, 201 cm x 388 cm, 79.1 in x 152.7 in, 2011



Marcello Mercado, transferring, storing, sharing and hybriding: The perfect humus, Hybrid-DNA-Performance-Bio-installation, 16’23, 2010




Marcello Mercado, pencil on paper, Artist´s book, 2020



Marcello Mercado, pencil on paper, Artist´s book, 2020




Marcello Mercado, mixed media on canvas, 2014




Marcello Mercado

The journey with the Beagle

watercolor on paper

Artist´s Book, 24 pages









Marcello Mercado, ink on paper, silicone with DNA and copper with coconut, drawing, 2006





Marcello Mercado, DELETE, installation, 2012




Marcello Mercado, Days of pandemic, origami made with paper printed with the genome of the corona virus, 2020



Marcello Mercado,Vilém Flusser und Marshall McLuhan /Fliegeralphabet, 2010, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Technologie (ZKM) Karlsruhe, Germany



Marcello Mercado,3D printed plastic sculpture, 2014



Marcello Mercado,pincel on paper, drawing, Artist´s book, 2016




Marcello Mercado, Capital, 2- channel videoinstallation, 15min, stereo 16: 9 black / white and colour, 2015





Marcello Mercado

Doppelt (Double)

Photo book, 30 pages



The photographic book is a visual exploration of the image through two distinct techniques: The use of long shots with bulb and softart.










Marcello Mercado, acrylic on canvas, 60cm x 80cm, 2022




Marcello Mercado, TOR, 3- channel videoinstallation, 8min, silent 16: 9 black / white, 2016