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Marcello Mercado, Wem gehört die Zeit? (To whom does the time belong?), 1-channel videoinstallation


Marcello Mercado, Wem gehört die Zeit? (To whom does the time belong?)

1-channel videoinstallation





The installation explores the time that the same medium consumes.
The inaudible soundtrack is made up of frequencies that stimulate photosynthesis.


The conceptof the videoinstallation is based on the text of Siegfried Zielinski written in Variations on Media Thinking, 2019: «The decisive question posed by those who, after the First World War, laid claim to be fighting for a better life for the many, was “to whom does the world belong?” Bertolt Brecht had asked the same question in the second half of his title for the film Kuhle Wampe (1932), framed as an urgent question mark regarding territorial ownership (in the broadest sense: of factories, land, resources, machines, etc.). At the present time and for the decades to come, however, it appears to me that the decisive question is “to whom does the time belong?”


Die Installation untersucht die Zeit, die dasselbe Medium benötigt.
Der unhörbare Soundtrack besteht aus Frequenzen, die die Photosynthese stimulieren.