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Procesar Destruir Representar Archivar [Process Destruct Represent Archive]

02.07.2020 – 03.09.2020


Marcello Mercado 2020


Procesar Destruir Representar Archivar [Process Destruct Represent Archive]


Monitor 1: Facundo traducido [Translated Facundo], 5’
Monitor 2: Martín Fierro traducido [Translated Martín Fierro], 5’
The two milestones of national literature, Facundo by Sarmiento and Martín Fierro by Hernández, are remade through algorithmic processes that empty their content, destroy them and reencounter them.


The chaos and math contribute to the confrontation: Facundo “weights” digitally and textually 395 kb, and Martín Fierro, 101 kb, while the audio-book versions weigh 427,4 MB and 361,8 MB respectively.

The first step was to translate the books to a language invented by me, which has no meaning at all. The books may be leafed through, but the meaning is lost, though it seems to be there. Then, I mix/bundle both audio-books as soundtracks. From this mix, I take a fragment and obtain a photograph that shows a graphic representation of the sound of the combined books. The audio that cannot be heard can be seen. The founding ideas are erased. How can we read what’s invented/what we invent?




  • Title: Procesar Destruir Representar Archivar [Process Destruct Represent Archive]
  • Creator: Marcello Mercado
  • Date Created: 2020
  • Date Published: 2020
  • Location: Roque Sáenz Peña, Chaco
  • Physical Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm
  • Original Language: Español
  • Provenance: 11th Itau Visual Arts Award Selection
  • Type: Video installation
  • Publisher: Itaú Foundation Argentina
  • External Link:

    Link to video of the active work

  • Medium: animation and photograph



Source: Itaú Cultural Visual Arts Award 2019-2020 Catalogue


Fundación Itaú Argentina

Victoria Ocampo 360 – 4th Floor – Puerto Madero.
C1107DAB Buenos Aires