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GLITCH & Run Computer

25.05,2013 – 13.07.2013



GLITCH & Run Computer


Curated by Nora O Murchú


GLITCH at RUA RED brings together some of Ireland and Europe’s leading media and technology artists, theorists, researchers, curators and artist groups to explore emerging and established contemporary cultural and critical issues that arise from artists intersection and investigations with digital technology.



Marcello Mercado


I have created a a language to delete, to compact mental texts and graphics, to eliminate unwanted thoughts and make them personal hieroglyphics.
210 graphemes that don´t carry meaning by themselves.
One grapheme is not an “A” or a “B” but anything that we want: Ex. 3GB of philosophical texts, 20MB graphics or nothing. A language-duel with graphems and Glosolalia. The possibility of a language as black hole.



Run Computer, Run takes place during GLITCH from 25 May – 13 July at Rua Red in Dublin, Ireland.



GLITCH & Run Computer, Run is an exploration of critical and experimental approaches to curating new media art.


GLITCH & Run Computer, Run comprises of a series of interrelated exhibitions, a publication and symposium. This research takes place at CRUMB at the University of Sunderland and is funded by the AHRC.