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Low Lives 3 International Festival of Live Networked Performances

29.04.2011 – 30-04.2011


Low Lives 3 International Festival of Live Networked Performances



Participating artists include:

Annie Abrahams; Lukas Avendaño; Brian Balderston and Chloe Bass; Camille Baker; Tzitzi Barrantes;
Rachelle Beaudoin; Black & Jones; Caroline Boileau; Catherine Cabeen and Company; Jennifer Chan;
Tyrone Davies; Joseph DeLappe; dev01ded; Alfred Dong; Nancy Douthey; Eosin; Julie Fotheringham
and Jarryd Lowder; Second Front; Deborah Goffe; Carlos Gonzalez; Katelena Hernandez; Ajeesh K.B.,
Santhosh V.S., and Hemabharathy Palani; Jayson Keeling; La La La Singers; Shaun El C. Leonardo;
Anya Liftig; Kristin Lucas; James Mbunju and Company; Saul Melman; Marcello Mercado; Jui Mhatre
and Jaee Joshi; Julio Morales; Irvin Morazan and Maya Jeffereis; Kendall Nordin; Molly O’Connor/
Molliver; So Percussion; SaBa; Marisol Salanova; Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann; Byd Sarret;
Jenny Schlief; Carmen Sober; Alan Sondheim; Nathan Stevens; Zornitsa Stoyanova; Channel TWo;
Frans van Lent; Claude van Lingen; Ginna Vélez; Rodell Warner; Ian Warren; Dr. Heather Warren-Crow;
Rebecca Weiner; and Paul Wiersbinski




Marcello Mercado
Buenos Aires 16:11h Los Angeles 12:11h
Berlin 21:11h Cape Town 21:11h
Salt Lake City 13:11h Miami 15:11h



Human Genome re-Activation

by Marcello Mercado

bioart, genome, finger, soundart, genetics, synthetic voice,
DNA – Sequence alignment, chromosome 1, DNA, Nucleotides,
adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), thymine (T), DNA-Bases

I lost one finger (the pinky from my right hand) when I was 8 years old. The performance is about
“to read or to transmit” to my hand -in form of audio – fragments of the human genome. The idea is
to “activate” -through sounds- the DNA-knowledge about how to make a new finger.
The running time (activation) of the performance is 3 minutes.







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