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Galeri Nasional Indonesia

28.12.2010 – 12.01.2011


Record > Again! – Part 2 is a conservation project for video works, susceptible to the rapid change of video format and technology. Scouring museum storage closets, archives and artist’ basements, for video works from the sixties and seventies era, those involved in the project succeeded in converting around 50 eraly video works by Joseph Beuys, Klaus vom Bruch, Egon Bunne, Jörg Herold, Nam June Paik, Alexander Kluge, Gerd Kroske, Korpys/Löffler, Urs Lüthi, Anna Oppermann, Susanne Ofteringer, all of which were screened for the first time in 30 years.



Artistic Director: Peter Weibel
Project Manager: Christoph Blase
Editor: Christoph Blase, Peter Weibel
Text: René Block, Walter Grasskamp, Wulf Herzogenrath
Publication: Hatje Cantz



Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14
Jakarta Pusat 10110 – Indonesia