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Scanners: The 2007 New York Video Festival


27.07.2007 – 29.07.2007



Scanners: The 2007 New York Video Festival

Fright Night




Series of Periodical Bilinear Surfaces

Marcello Mercado, Germany, 2006; 6m



Philip Brophy
Catherine Chalmers
Ryan Trecartin
Christian Jankowski
Marcello Mercado
Takeshi Murata
Robert Wilson
Leslie Thornton
Seoungho Cho
Michael Maziere
David Phillips
Paul Rowley
Ariane Michel
Hank Willis Thomas
Erik Schmidt
Marine Hugonnier
Julian Rosefeldt
Arthur Kleinjan
Edin Vélez




Film Society of Lincoln Center

Walter Reade Theater

165 W. 65th Street,

(north side, upper level)