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14th Festival Videobrasil




22.09.2003 – 19.10.2003




14th Festival Videobrasil



The fourteenth edition, held in Sesc Pompeia, celebrated a special occasion: the 20th anniversary of Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, by now already recognized worldwide as the main convergence point for the so-called southern scene artistic output. The long-lasting partnership with SESC-SP gave birth to the largest exhibition ever, featuring the “Displacements” theme, a phenomenon which permeates contemporary life. Artists from Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Eastern Europe were featured in the event, which focused on work from the geopolitical south of art for the first time. A retrospective show of 30 years of video’s national production, curated by Arlindo Machado, was included in the History Axis, while the Contemporary Axis featured an important exhibition of art from Lebanon, a country constantly facing the “Displacements” concept. Christine Tohme and Akram Zaatari curated this exhibition. Festival payed tribute to Brazilian artist Waly Salomão, an active collaborator with Associação Cultural Videobrasil. A DVD entitled “Nomadismos: Homenagem a Waly Salomão” (Nomadisms: A tribute to Waly Salomão) was released. The DVD was specially produced with the aid of friends and partners. Waly, who integrated the programming commission, died a few months prior to the Festival. Beginning with this edition, video and new medias now competed in the same category.




Associação Cultural Videobrasil

SESC São Paulo

55 11 36450516

Rua Jaguaré Mirim, 210

Vila Leopoldina – São Paulo

05311 020






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