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13. Videobrasil: «Politik» – Performance by Marcello Mercado





13.Videobrasil: «Politik», Performance by Marcello Mercado



With performances that challenge the traditional concepts of the modality, Videobrasil continues this year with what has become a permanent feature: stimulus to artists who are researching hybrids resulting from the combination and dialogue between image, movement, music, dance, the body itself and scenic space. In this edition, Alexandre da Cunha, Eder Santos, Luiz Duva and Marcello Mercado – the latter prize winner at 12th Videobrasil – are representatives of this live form of expression in constant transformation. The programme, varied and of various approaches, advances the Festival’s idea of promoting a kind of permanent thinking laboratory.

Argentinean artist Marcello Mercado brings work of impact, in which his orifices, his own body and a politicized discourse are key elements.













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