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Marcello Mercado – Burning Garden – 2024



Marcello Mercado

Burning Garden
7m 43″

Soundtrack: Marcello Mercado

Edition: Marcello Mercado

Animation by Marcello Mercado



#Expanded Animation, #3D scanner, #iphone 12, #lidar sensor, T#actil animation, #360 grades animation, #screening captures


«Garden Burning» is an animation, entirely filmed on an iPhone 12 equipped with a LiDAR sensor. This animation showcases 3D photogrammetric models—fragments of a garden, a dog, and the artist with his laptop—meticulously created through scanning images with Scaniverse and EM3D software. The artist’s interaction, sliding a finger across the touchscreen, initiates the animation. Dynamic video screenshots were captured post-scanning by chaotically rotating the images in 360 degrees. The touchscreen transforms into a canvas for animation, inviting deliberate, interactive gestures.
This animation, composed of 14 layers of 3D videos, was captured and edited on an iPhone using Final Cut Pro.

«Garden Burning» is an immersive single-channel video installation designed for a large-scale LED screen or projection. The narrative unfolds through dynamic sequences that meld vibrant hues and fragmentary forms





Marcello Mercado, Burning Garden, 2024