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Bio·fiction On Tour – Linz



15.11.2014 – 16.11.2014



Bio·fiction On Tour – Linz




In the framework of Science Days Ars Electronica Center focuses on specific core topics – this time the emphasis was placed on BioArt. BIO·FICTION screened all shortlisted films in the context of talks and lectures, guided tours and workshop around the topic. The programme gave insight into this young and exciting art form that deals with bacteria, tissue and tiny living organisms.




Ars Electronica

Ars-Eletronica-Straße 1





Electrostabilis Cardium – Agi Haines

Synbio Ads London – Benedikt Groß

Synbio Ads Mintel – Benedikt Groß

The Culturists – David Benqué

The Outline of Paradise – Ursula Damm
Black Gold – Tim Clark and Frank Kolkman
Quanticare – Amy Congdon, Jenny Lee, Ann-Kristen Abel

Aflatoxin Biosensor – Kristin Ari Dwijayanti Abel and Dimas Dwi

Exploring Indonesia – Adiguna Ari Dwijayanti
Consultation – Ping Lu
System Synthetics – Maurizio Montalti
Bacteria to the Future – Sam Ireland
Bacteria Compass – Howard Boland, C-LAB
Travelling Research Kit – The Extrapolation Factory

Protocell Technology – Shamees Aden, Sam J Bond

Preparing for Tomorrow – Nathan Burr
I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin – Ai Hasegawa
Bio Flaneur – Aleks Cicha
Living Food – Minsu Kim

Streichhölzer – David Hochgatterer
Alien Fanfare – Jonathan Monaghan
Bioplastic Fantastic – Johanna Schmeer
Uncolour Me Courious – Georgia Bondy
Synthetic Biology: A New Way in Evolution – Uwe Sleytr

Expanded Self – Sonja Bäumel

Decapoda Shock – Javier Chillon
I wish my life – Joachim Huveneers
Eugene – Catalina Hoyos-Restrepo
Vermin – Adi Gelbart
Talking Life – Bâr Tyrmi/Rafael Linares
Hybris – Arjan Brentjes
The Arsehole Gene – Eric Romero
Macrostructure – Eric Schockmel
Bioluminescent Streetlamps – Steven van Eekelen

Reinventing the Dodo – Steven van Eekelen
Copy & Clone – Louis Rigaud
Beastliness – Deborah Kelly
Cytoplasmic Playgrounds – Markos Kay
Pet Genesis – Amy May Chin, Ingrid Hulskamp, Pras Gu- naskera, Ting Chun Lin
Bio-Logic – Gunasekera, Maurizio Montalti Ting Lin, Amy Chin

KATERED – Howard Boland, C-LAB
Proteo – Johanna Hoffmann-Dietrich
Life Spectrum – Paloma Dawkins
Quasi Objects Cinematic Environment #8 – Lorenzo Oggiano

Tracked down by our genes – Gilbert Charles

The Perfect Humus – Marcello Mercado

Stress-O-Stat – Howard Boland, C-LAB

Simply Complex – Duguid Cameron

East End Journey – Lindsay Goodall

Inorganica – Valerie Mellon

New Mumbai – Tobias Revell
Zero Park – Sascha Pohflepp
Public Misunderstanding of Science – Bruce Gilchrist

Daughter Cell – Kristina Korsholm
DIYSECT: Learning in Public – Mary Tsang, Benjamin Welmond

Soluble Structures – Yuki Yoshioka
History of the Automobile – Scott Dorsey
Puppet Earth – Laurens Roorda & Thijs Molenaar