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Marcello Mercado, Listening the chromosome 17, 1-channel Video Installation, 2023



Marcello Mercado

Listening the chromosome 17
1-channel Video Installation
Bioart /Hybrid
21´02″, colour, stereo, HD


Vimeo Pass: deutschland







The idea of this installation is to explore the different instances and possibilities of the self-portrait through A.I. and 3D scanners.
Who can I be if I am perceived by machines? Am I alive or am I dead to those artificial intelligences? Is it necessary to make this distinction?
It would seem that the text acquired a hysterical character as a producer of images.

The countless beta versions of the self-portrait
For three months, I conducted listening sessions on chromosome 17 of the human genome. Some of its fragments were translated into audio by a synthetic voice (A.I.).
During the sessions, I randomly scanned my head with various 3D scanner apps on my iPhone.

These captures were unsuccessful because the 3D scanner completed and resolved my head – even textured it – without understanding the
contextualization or understanding of what a human head is like.
I created images using DELL-E and combined them with those created by the scanners.
I virtually walked around with a carved wooden head that was my object of study, like my own head.

I took 3D scans of almost everything around me: Plants, walls, various objects, garbage, keys, laptop, etc. and a final animation in the style
of a big primordial scanner soup.
Then I corrected the editing of the animation by suppressing text with A.I.
The audio of the installation partially performs a sonic recombination of chromosome 17 with itself through A.I.


Marcello Mercado