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La provocación del blanco



24.11.2011 – 30.03.2012



White as space between signs, white as silence, white as utopia and white as provocation. Provocation of white brings together a set of works belonging to the MAMbA heritage that account for the various expressions of contemporary art. The non-linear passage of time is a provocative pretext to stimulate the viewer to combine other routes. Through the confrontation not only of the various artists but also of the different generations represented here, the works that make up the invaluable collection of the museum are once again exposed. The white color stands out for being the one that has the greatest sensitivity to light, constituting itself as a metaphor for the absolute, for innocence and even for mourning. The artists that make up this exhibition have chosen it totally, some in a complete white on white, or others partially, thus changing its chromatic potentialities. The Museum of Modern Art exhibits a new rereading of its heritage taking as its premise the provocation that various artists implemented by choosing white as their language: Picasso, Porter, Siquier, Kuitca, Le Parc, de la Vega, Iommi, Bedel, Ferrari, among others. others.



Pablo Picasso, Analía Segal, Juan Melé, Sesostris Vitullo, Julio Le Parc,
Luis Tomasello, Eduardo Costa, Ernesto Ballesteros, Aili Chen,
Liliana Porter, Roberto Aizenberg, Carlos Alonso, Leo Battistelli,
Jacques Bedel, Martín Blaszko, Amleto Bocci, Bibi Caderaro, Nicola
Constantino, Pablo Siquier, Jorge de la Vega, Manuel Espinosa,
Pablo Faludi, Enio Iommi,  León Ferrari, Alberto Gallino, Tomás Gonda,
Miguel Harte, Kenneth Kemble, Gyula Kosice, Guillermo Kuitca,
Ricardo Laham, Marcello Mercado, Osvaldo Monzo, Marie Orensanz,
Margarita Paksa y Aldo Paparella.



Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
Avenida San Juan 350,

1147 Ciudad De Buenos Aires,